Life is Nice®: Re-duxe


Set in suburban Los Angeles, In the vain of “Stranger than paradise & Slacker”, “Life is Nice…” is a post, post-modern tale of love, friendship, perhaps boredom and a girl.

While following their often humorous adventures, the film explores the relationship between two old friends, Josh( Forest), and Silo (Mike Dytri), as they try to find the meaning in their quite often meaningless existence. The film’s pivotal character is Clara ( Kia Collin), Josh’s domineering and often manipulative girlfriend. As Clara plays the emotions of the two friends against each other, they discover just what their friendship is made of.

Featuring Steve Buscemi in best comic cameo.

cast & crew

Actor: Steve Buscemi (yes, that Steve Buscemi!)
Silo: Mike Dytri
Josh: Forest Wise
Clara: Kia Collin


Director / Writer / Producer: Forest Wise
Co-producer: Mike Dytri
Director of Photography: Eric Swanson
Score: Jesse Loya
Editor: Matcheck Malish


Duration: 96min

Shooting Format: Super 16MM

Aspect Ratio: 1.85

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