Hail Tiger King®

an ACW story


“Does our past effect our future? Are we a so jaded that our past loves, keep us from ever loving freely ever again? A tormented cruel cycle of life.”


Kith, an attractive cambodian man early 30’s, is living the life, of working to survive, not living to live. As a child Kith went on magical adventure, that changed his life forever.


He daydreams of the past, the future, and somewhere inbetween. Never living in the present. We cut back and fourth between all of his journeys, and experiences.

When he was young and full of life, he met two young girls Pim and Chamron, going on a road trip/journey of a lifetime. Never to let go of this first love.


Kith now back from the roadtrip, goes on his biggest hustles ever, with is best friend Pov.


There on this “home alone” style of comedy and cutness, they rob the rich blind, to give to the poor. Doing all they know in their crazy mixed up third world life.


One day on a hustle that goes terribly wrong, they get seperated to never see eachtother again. Another experiece that will effect Kith for the rest of his life.


Kith visits a temple regulary, the temple that he, Pim, and Chamron promised eachother to meet every khmere new year. He goes year after year, until he is an adult, hoping, yearning one day Pim will show up.


She never does, he holds on forever.


Now older, Pim is afraid of what she has become and will never show her true self again. Even though she is in pain, and missing, longing for the true love she experienced a lifetime ago.


Life is never what we expect. Life never gives us what we want, but what we need. It is up to us to choose what to do with it.


Will Pim and Kith ever meet again? Is there hope? Does any of it matter? One day we they will all be free.

cast & crew

Kith: Kith Cheang

Old Kith: Nang Nos

Pov: Pov Kong

Sara: Soksara Oun

Soviet: Soviet Sey


Director / Writer / Producer: Forest Wise

Co-producer / Translator Director: Bopha Phuong Lav

Director of Photography: Jaime Reynoso

Editor: Metus (Low key) Thuesue


Duration: 115 Min

Shooting Format: Red Epic

Aspect Ratio: 2.39:1


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