Hussy: Life is Nice 2000®


Think All in the Family meets Swingers meets the Archies on acid and crack with a little One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest thrown in for good measure.


A black comedic adventure into the surreal crazy mixed up world of Josh and Silo and their freaky friends, jerked up love lives, and hustling ways.




Josh and Silo, hipsters, pop-culture babies, best friends since they can remember, sit around their motor home at a trailer park overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean, talking about almost nothing. Questioning their lives and always wondering:


Who’s a pedophile?
Why did you shag my mother?
Where do you go when your guinea pig is gone?
What do you do when your wet dream girl turns out to be a transsexual?


Everyday, weird friends (porno-stars, transsexuals, mongoloids, sex kittens, etc.) drop by making their somewhat normal white trash life fade into the surreal world of what some may call disturbing, nuts, strange, and in an odd sort way extremely funny.


One day they realize the junkyard they run isn’t bringing in the income they need to exist, and I do mean exist. These slacker, white trash, beatnik style “kids” have to come up with some wacky hustles and scams to get them out of their predicament and keep on existing. And as always, they do.


Inspired by Jules and Jim, Josh and Silo’s love life soon begins to get convoluted by love and a woman, Kate. After many attempts by Kate to be a lover to one of them, she realizes fate has taken it’s toll and if she wants one she has to have the other. Menage a’ trois style without the sex, platonic together and intimate apart?


Josh and Silo are hipsters caught in a make believe skewed world where everything goes and nothing is sacred. It is a world made up of what most would call broken taboos. They are free to do whatever they want because they are Josh and Silo, the hip hipsters who are going nowhere fast but having a hell of a time doin it.

cast & crew

Silo: Joss Godard
Josh: Forest Wise
Booker: Corin Nemic
Gina: Rebecca Lord
Kate: Genevive Maylan

Director / Writer / Producer: Forest Wise
Executive Producer / Assistant Producer: Tanya Stephens / Melinda Esquibal
Director of Photography: Jaime Reynoso
Editor: Paul Heimen


Duration: 15 min
Shooting Format: Super 16mm
Aspect Ratio: 2:39:1

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