Faded Young Gods®

an HJ anthology+ story


Françoise lamure’. Everyone wants her. Everyone needs her. Two jaded LA hustlers are hired by a super wealthy family to track down their daughter somewhere in Asia but where & why


They’ll search anywhere, everywhere, because she’s the answer, she’s it, the prize..


We will meet different characters along the way; Buddhist monks, thai hookers, Indian orphans, X pats, street hustlers, albino chiefliars, etc. etc.


Picture this: The cold clean air above the mountains of Nepal. A clue here, a lie there. An Indian street guide, a trickster, an albino witch doctor. A glimpse, a hint, then a boat ride on the beautiful coastline of the Thailand beaches, then down the jungle route in the papa New Guinea rain forest, across the great wall of china, over the mountains through the jungle, down the river and start again.


Soon, they find the prize, only to find love and never look back. J. loves her, she loves him. They find the meaning of true real love. B. loves her but nobody will ever know, until it’s too late. B. wants to get paid to bring her back, collect the reward (cash) and it tests the levels of loyalty, friendship and sacrifice.


Conflict: love VS. money. Friendship VS. love, who, what will win.


As Butch and Sundance romanced and danced their way through these scary sitches, our guys pull off coup after coup through language and cultural barriers, speaking and not speaking the native tongues and charming the unwanting.


The chase goes on and on…only to culminate at the end of the world where everyone is questioned, questions, and only a few are set free.

cast & crew

Director / Writer / Producer: Forest Wise

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