Hustling Jesus (A)

part of planned anthology


This is not your ordinary ”popculture-nihilistic-genXadults & millennials-with-guns-screwing-people-over- black comedy- action- drama film”. Well, to be honest, it is. But it has a lot of other layers i.e: art, politics, history, literature, poetry, music and religion! And the infinite theme of love. A film with intellectual thoughts about existence, moral illusions and the over whelming feelings of apathy in the new millineium.


The first film in a crazy lovely cinematic palnned anthology.


A gang of hustlers ready to scam the world consisting of BENNY, their smart and ruthless leader; EMMA, a strong woman who is in charge but very much questioning her existence; VEX the womanizing art lover; CHERRY the supervixen; PONY the pop-culture trendy dumbass.


The gangs employer is BLACK TIGER, runs the world, a “Godfather” type, who lives in South America, giving them missons all over the world. Sometimes the country is only a backdrop, and sometimes itʼs directly connected to the story. However this gang more often than not takes matters into their own hands creating their own rules, bordering on suicidal behavior. Living on fear and passion the gang begins to question the meaning of their existence. Benny is at odds with it all. He loves Emma with all his heart. Emma wonʼt give into love, when all the gang do is equated with hate.


They all have a secret, that lets them live what seems like forever.


Sistine Chapel; Italy to the serengeti in Africa and back again. Love is not easy,
Living is harder.

cast & crew

Director / Writer / Producer: Forest Wise

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