I Wanna Be Adored: A Gorgeous Suicide

an HJ anthology+ story


Pony standing up against a window looking down at city of lights, Los Angeles, thinking how miserable his life is.


He is getting mentally prepared to sleep with a girl who paid him for joining her for the night, he has no idea how much his life is going to change within the next 120 days.


Fighting against a cheated husband, fighting his feelings for an impossible love, and, most of all, fighting against a lethal disease inside his body. Pony struggles to find out who he can trust, who his friends are and who is in control, him or the universe.


Pony realizes quickly that he others gained control over his life and his only goal is to gain his ordinary life back again. He tries not to question the instructions he receives, but to follow all of them as good as he can.


He ends up in India. And yet, he is far away to influence his situation, depending solely on their mercy – and on the cell phone they gave to him to wait for instructions.


LA, India and Hong Kong are the locations of this story full of greed, friendship, power, intrigue, blackmailing and life threatening situations. And a love, stronger than Pony has ever experienced, a love stronger than most have experienced!


The film starts in a quite postmodernist way, before the story line becomes more and more a thriller in a James Bond style without showing Pony as a super agent, but a normal guy caught up in a world of chaos. No James Bond here.


The love story is a key part of the film and influences Pony’s way to act and feel during these pace and hover hustles.


It is his new found love for Hope- a beautiful Asian women, that is an angel to many, and devil to some. An angel which gives him the possibility to overcome his fate, but it is also this love that makes him almost lose his mind.


Who will survive? What does it meant to trust in a world of lies?


At the end of the day everybody wants to be ”adored”.

cast & crew

Director / Writer / Producer: Forest Wise

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